Dentures: The Lasting Solution For Your Missing Teeth
By Northside Family Dentistry
March 11, 2015
Category: Dental Procedures
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Northside Family DentistryDo you have a broken smile that leaves your whole mouth lifeless and dull? Many people with either full or partial tooth loss are left searching for long-term solutions for their damaged self-confidence and even worse-off smile. But did you know that damaged or missing teeth aren't only a self-confidence issue, but a health issue, too?

That's because completely missing teeth can cause nutritional deficiencies and other systemic health problems. But you don't have to be all frowns and no smiles if you have vacant spots in your mouth, as both full and partial dentures provide a lasting solution!

At Northside Family Dentistry, you'll experience full dental relief with full or partial dentures, whichever is best depending on your specific dental profile. Using the expert techniques of dental experts like Clinton M. Watson, D.D.S., M.B.A., your mouth can be fitted with dentures that improve overall tooth function while also offering a more aesthetically-appealing look to your smile.

If you've lost teeth suddenly and have gotten immediate dentures to shore up the damage, you may realize that some of your dental tissues have shrank and your jawbone has started to lose its usual strength. When this begins to occur, it's most likely a sign that your emergency dentures don't fit like they need to anymore.

During times like these, it's best to either have your dentures relined using the expert techniques employed by Dr. Watson and his on-site dental assistants or to move ahead to longer-lasting and more efficient full dentures.

Regardless of which route you choose, or if you're ready for your first pair of fitted dentures to improve your smile, come into the office today and see for yourself why dentures provide the best option for overcoming your harrowing dental dilemma. If you'd rather know more about all that Northside Family Dentistry has to offer before you come in, feel free to give one of Dr. Watson's dental associates a call at (478) 475-1976 so you can begin the journey towards achieving a smile that keeps on smiling right here in Macon, GA!